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performance coaching

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Physical and mental performance

Private coaching for performance, learn how to reach the flow state,
extreme concentration to optimize physical and mental performance and achieve any goal.


I use my own method using Yoga postures, Breathwork, Visualization exercises, Mental preparation,

Neuro-linguistics programming, Cold immersion and other holistic approaches,

(Tibetan bowls, drums, gongs etc.)


In this state of flow nothing can get in the way. Once your objective is clear in your mind

and we have eliminated doubt from your thought pattern, You tap into your inner power. 


I organize personalized retreats on a 3 to 5 days session,

Including a morning Yoga session, preceded by breathing exercises and pranayamas from Yoga

and Breathwork, Tummo Meditation and Wim Hof Breathing.


- Guided meditation exercises

- Silent meditation exercises

- Walking meditation exercices with specific breathing patterns

- Soundbath sessions with Tibetan bowls and Gongs.

- Drum Soundbath session to reach alpha state and visualization/mental preparation.

- Personalized coaching sessions in NLP with work on the mind and thoughts, (positive-negative and reformulation of thoughts / inner talk.)

Silent Meditative Hikes / Cardio Hikes. Work on breathing pattern and heart rate.


06 82 83 58 17



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