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            What exactly is yoga?

Yoga was developed in India 5000 years ago as a system of well-being and elevation at all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

We often talk about Hatha Yoga, Ashtantga or even Vinyasa, with their breathing and posture techniques, these are only aspects of a branch of the discipline and philosophy of Yoga. 

Yoga is not a system of beliefs, but of guidance and of techniques for a better quality of life.

Among the writings  and various sources of Yoga, the two best known and essential to understand what  the discipline are, we find the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras. Both explain the nature and obstacles of expanded consciousness and self-realization/fulfilment as well as a variety of methods to achieve these goals. 

As in any discipline, certain aspects of Yoga are too subtle to be learned only in books or texts, they must be acquired through experience. Since the dawn of time, discipline has been transmitted through the master-student relationship. The master (or teacher) helps the student to develop a deeper practice through personal experience.

Today, several million people around the world use the discipline of Yoga to improve their quality of life through different areas such as: maintenance and development of their physical body, stress relief, well-being, vitality, mental clarity and concentration, emotional healing, inner peace and spiritual elevation. 

À propos


Former top athlete and stuntman, now a yoga teacher.
I share and transmit my passion for this art of body and spirit.


I started practicing in 2015 in Paris and chose to explore India for an initiatory quest in 2017,  mythical land marked by masters and ancestors who have conveyed this discipline for millennia.

Passionate about personal/spiritual development, human psychology and the physical and emotional well-being of the individual, I turned first to hatha yoga.

It includes the practice of Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing), bandhas (energy locks inside the body), Dharana (concentration), meditation and mudras.

In my teaching, I put a lot of focus on postural alignment, and the breath, which I consider to be a fundamental principle in the practice. It allows vital energy to flow and contributes to the balance of the nervous system.


The result is general well-being, inner calm, more presence, more concentration, more awareness, more happiness.

I teach in Yoga studios, companies, private support, high-level athletes and personalized workshops.

I regularly lead Yoga retreats in France and Europe, and offer personalized programs using several methods including Breathwork to improve physical and mental performance, to achieve and achieve any goal and regulate one's emotional state.



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