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It was through the alignment of the body  that I discovered the alignment of the mind, self and intelligence” ― BKS Iyengar

My Journey

Former top athlete (swimming / martial arts), and stuntman,

I have always been seeking to explore self-transcendence, from my first swimming competitions 20 years ago. 

Go beyond  the physical abilities during effort and reach this ultimate state of relaxation, a meditative state, rest of the mind, reconnect with the present moment.

By learning yoga, I discovered another way to reach this state and calm the overwhelming mind. It was a revelation for me. I practiced for hours, every day, with devotion to the practise of Yoga and meditation.

I then decided to devote myself to study the Yoga system with different teachers. I continued my learning and practice in Los Angeles, California, which lead me to understand that I was being called to the source, the ultimate school : India.

I began an initiatory and spiritual journey in order to approach the secrets of this ancestral practice that is Hatha Yoga. From South India to North India, from the jungle of Tamil Nadu to the mountains of the Himalayas, to the borders of Tibet.

Staying in ashrams and continuing my learning of the Hatha Yoga system, I was finally at the right place, where it all started. India can be tough, it's not joking, if you travel alone it puts you in a state of facing yourself, with all your fears, your questions and doubts, your false beliefs, your illusions, I call it the ultimate mirror.

It can make you lose control, even lose your mind for a bit, but only to sweep away your illusions that prevent you from really knowing yourself, it has so much to offer you, it can change a person, as it did for me. I have grown a lot from this experience.

Some time later I passed an international teacher diploma in Vinyasa Yoga in Bali, Indonesia, with an Ashtanga teacher, who gave me another approach to Yoga.

Then a Diploma in Yin Yoga for a more gentle and meditative approach to the practice.

I also trained in Thai massage and Rue si Dat Ton at the Wat Pho temple school in Bangkok to complete my knowledge of Yoga adjustments, twists, stretching, energy circuits in the body, compression points... 

I continuously explore and work with sound therapy with Tibetan bowls and gongs, drums, and other instruments.  My goal is to offer and share a complete approach of Yoga and meditation, using different tools and ancestral practices using the breath and vibrations 

diplôme massage thailandais / Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailande
diplôme Rue Si Dat Ton Bangkok, Thailande
diplome RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Vinyasa
diplome massage tibétain / bols tibétains, Dharamsala, Inde
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