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Complete program of 8 modules


  • The key to alternate breathing that can be used at any time of the day to refocus and annihilate invading thoughts. 

  • Balancing the Nadis (body energy circuits. )

Instantly regain possession of your body by circulating vital energy (Prana).

  • Stretch and unlockhis spine.



  • Deeply regenerate your breathing capacity with alternate/retention breathing (Nadi shodhana and kumbhaka).

  • Ultimate psychic and bodily appeasement with specific asanas (postures) 

  • Relieve fatigue and moderate depression with the opening of one's solar plexus.



  • Balance the different nervous systems and boost self-confidence.

  • The breathing technique from the Tibetan meditation Tummo, taken up by a slightly crazy Dutchman who climbed Everest in shorts (it propels you into an advanced meditative state and creates an instant void_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_in the head). 

  • Sequence of Hatha Yoga postures to anchor yourself and bring yourself back to the present moment.

  • Balance your emotional brain and your rational brain and create an energy circuit with la prize of Mudra. 



  • A simple but ultra powerful sequence to start the day zen and relaxed. 

  • The method of unstoppable withdrawal into oneself to make stress and fatigue disappear. 

  • Drive away negative thoughts in a snap, with spiritual awareness (powerfully relaxing). 



  • The bumblebee technique (Pranayama Brahmari) which establishes absolute calm and allows you to refocus in 5 minutes. 

  • The posture of the Corpse (yes the name makes you dream...) a cocktail  of relaxation, loaded with letting go. 

  • The ideal guided meditation technique for busy periods at work. Develop your intuition and your creative potential thanks to a liberated mind. 



(Establishment of a gentle practice  (Yin yoga).

  • Promote relaxation and regeneration by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. 

  • Stimulate your energy while calibrating your body balance thanks to the postures of the Dragon and the lizard.

  • Workers, say goodbye to your body stiffness thanks to the Halasana posture, the plow (a little difficult to execute but devilishly effective when you master it). 

  • Create an uplifting sense of well-being with inversion postures by promoting mental stability and hormonal balance.



  • Boost your blood circulation, a real invigorating boost against headaches, fatigue, stress and excellent for digestion. 

  • Develop strength and inner knowing. Regenerate its organs (liver, kidneys, stomach, etc.) to actively stimulate its vital energy (Prana). 

  • Reduce mental activity and sensory perceptions while unclogging your organs with the posture of the candle. 



(Advanced practice, to be done only when comfortable with all previous postures and previous breaths) 

  • New breathing exercise also KRIYA ( purification in Sanskrit)

  • Practice of Uddyana bandha (energetic lock) of the abdomen which acts as an aspiration of the organs upwards to bring low energies to the top of the body.Il  ensures regulation of the vegetative nervous system, which controls the proper functioning of our viscera. it also brings the right balance between our two orto-sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, it therefore brings a general appeasement and promotes restful sleep if practiced at the end of the day. 

  • session of advanced Hatha yoga postures before ending with a last breath leading to a meditative state with the taking of a new MUDRA.

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